Time advance test that worked

Using this important Molyneux video, I used the “Share” button from YouTube and said to share it from 19:04 and copied the link that was supplied when I asked to share it via email. Et, voilà, it worked. Whereas, as I have done in the past, using the function that is available from the right…

About this image

Musings on the process behind the creation of this captivating image.

Crowder Tops Self

An hilarious send-up of a real-life political ad, with commentary. Cleese-level genius.

Sam Harris drops his mask

“I’m probably misinterpreting his position,” I thought to myself, vainly hoping he’d come around if he really thought about it.

Dr Peterson’s advice on comedians

Presaging the Big Bear* “Leave the damn comedians alone” I’ll try to get this thing to position correctly. If it doesn’t work, advance to ~46:12. *Big Bear is Owen Benjamin, a first amendment absolutist comedian, whose refusal to back down in the face of unrelenting social and professional pressure has led to his erasure from…

Molyneux’s interview of Diana West is his most important video ever.

I haven’t watched every one of his videos, but with that said, I stick by my headline. The most important part of this most important video is regarding the so-called “crisis of capitalism” [58:44] and the “Lend/Lease Program” [1:00:39] of WWII. Video prompted to 58:44 or thereabouts. It’s not really cooperating. Focus on after 58:44.

Roseanne’s tweet and my thoughts concerning same.

As far as I can tell, interpreting this joke as a reference to actress Helena Bonham Carter (a black actress who played an ape in POTA) and then spreading that imputed reference across all black actresses to attribute to Roseanne the undeserved title of RACIST is a case of her critics projecting their own racism onto Roseanne (because she thought VJ to be a white woman!)