A terrific comment about the Trump Jr email blather

This is a comment copied in its entirety from a posting on AmericanThinker.com.

Trump Jr.’s Email: Want to Talk about Treason? Okay…

The obsession with Donald Trump Jr.’s “Russian” email chain is just the latest example of what the Media/Democrat Party/Establishment Axis does best: engage in misdirection to confuse people about who America’s real enemies are. Now, since the emails are currently Exhibit A in Trump treason allegations, let’s talk about treason. No, we don’t have to go back to when Senator Ted Kennedy secretly approached the murderous Soviets and asked for help defeating Ronald Reagan in 1984. That’s too old and too obvious. But try this on for size. We’ve now learned that U.S. soldier Ikaika Erik Kang, just arrested for Islamic State ties, expressed allegiance to the group as early as 2011, which is a bit like a serviceman having expressed support for the Nazis during WWII. Instead of being immediately put in the stockade, however, Barack Obama’s military and FBI, the Daily Mail reports, “investigated to determine whether he posed a…(Read Full Article)

The ONLY counter that will get them to ST*U!

“HAS TRUMP traded any Gitmo terrorists for a DESERTER yet? HEY WAIT! Is Gitmo still open? Has he released countless others, who KILLED Americans and now back on the battlefield, directly or indirectly, TO KILL MORE AMERICANS? If he has, THAT’S TREASON, and after his terms are over, those charges don’t expire! Arrest! Convict! Execute!”

Just in case you didn’t click on the link in the article, Ted Kennedy contacted KGB head, YURI ANDROPOV, during the Cold War! That’s Treason. John Kerry, Treason!

THE CPUSA AND KGB teamed up to takeover Vietnam using the KGB’s World Peace Council. The CPUSA directed the peace movement and they wanted “peace” (crooked referees who only called fouls on one side) so the Communists could takeover Southeast Asia. “U.S. OUT OF VIETNAM!” Communists aiding Communists!

In 1979, they teamed up again to takeover Central America with Nicaragua being first and then them aiding the Communist FMLN rebels in El Salvador and using the U.S. Peace Council directed by the CPUSA. There were affiliates in every state and every major university. “EL SALVADOR IS SPANISH FOR VIETNAM!” The CPUSA and KGB recruited hundreds of thousands of college students with some going to Nicaragua in Construction Brigades and raising money in churches to “help the rural people of El Salvador!” Those “rural people” were the rebels in the Zonas de Controlidad! So, they raised aid from the believers in the Son of God, in the Home of the Son of God, to fund and aid an ideology that says, “There is no God!”

THEN CAME LIBERATION THEOLOGY and the equating Marx and Jesus. Pope John Paul II scolded El Salvadorian priests. (Rev. Wright also followed this 80’s Liberation Theology. In one of his speeches, he said, “We need to help our brothers and sisters in El Salvador.” Those were the Communist FMLN rebels also aided by Congressmen using CISPES, the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador.” The leader, Farid Handel, was the brother of the leader of the Communist Party and the led the FMLN, Shafik Handel. Wright then taught BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY, which is a racist as it gets, to the Obama’s and Oprah and used those teaching to foment his race war using BLACK LIVES MATTER who he invited to the thank them for their “activism” which included looting, arson, millions in damages, and then targeting and killing “Pigs in a Blanket.”)

THOSE 60’s thru 80’s CPUSA AND KGB recruits, and their children, are now our professors that have taken over every university, (Can anyone name one that hasn’t?), lead city, state, and national departments, Congress, (“No Contra Aid!”) The Communist Party wing of the Democrat Party, and one became the First Half-White Half-Black President who then appointed the same recruits to surround him and to head all of his departments, plus all of his countless CZARS only accountable to him!

THESE TRAITORS have been aiding and abetting the enemy with their countless treasonous acts. Funny now that they’re concerned about collusion with the Russians when they have been colluding with the SOVIETS/RUSSIANS FOR DECADES!

The Nobel PEACE Prize was given to Obama, which some say was given to him for doing nothing and didn’t deserve, but the committee knew what he was going to do: RETREAT from the world leaving the void to be filled by Communists, supposed former Communists and KGB agents, and his MUSLIM BROTHERS and now the world is on fire due to them but mostly due to OBAMA giving them the matches and gasoline to ignite another WORLD WAR and again started in Europe due to the policies they created. GUESS WHO they’ll come crying to for help: “HITLER!”

OBAMA also gave the matches and the gasoline to groups like ANSWER, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Revolutionary Communist Party, and AGAIN, THE COMMUNIST PARTY USA, with them leading OWS, BLM, and ALL the protests we see today, and all with roots to the 60’s-80’s CPUSA/KGB, with the goal of igniting a CIVIL WAR! BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER! That’s his Mission Accomplished. THAT’S ALSO SEDITION! LOOK IT UP! Arrest him legally and all those who aid him in. Cities will burn and he won’t stop them because they do it in his name. His ego demands it. BUT “WE” WILL RISE UP TO STOP THEM!

And finally to get them to ST*U: “TREASON VS. TWEETS? Which one is worse?”


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