Dumb dumb da dumb da da dumb CUOMO

Criminal, weapons-grade manipulation is what CNN is all about.

Such stupid I have never seen!

I am shaking. It happens to me when things stop making sense, or when debating Liberals, but I repeat myself. UNBELIEVABLE.

This video made me yell at it. That douche nozzle, Cuomo, would not shut up: interminable questions that aren’t questions to Kellyanne whose answer to which he interrupted, seemingly always, or rudely overspoke with utter propaganda. I wanted to hear the answers to she was giving. Dammit.

And I’m sorry, douchie, may I call you that for short, douche nozzle?, CNN reporting something positive once a day, as opposed to the 5-minute rotation of all things negative, does not equal coverage make. Douche.

Criminal, weapon-grade manipulation is what CNN is all about.

Oh, and douchie, it could easily be argued that freedom of the press means that the big media conglomerates MUST be compelled to break apart in order for that freedom to flourish. The stranglehold of the media must be broken. [How, I ask, does it make sense that the same editorial gang should control a network of broadcast or cable networks, including the bigs, a bunch of newspapers and commercial radio minus Talk?] Same thing online with Youtube screwing everyone over on their revenues.

Having never been a fan of using the power of the government AGAINST a private organization, this comes as a shock: the media MUST be taken apart BECAUSE it has demonstrated its willingness to abjure reality, denying the world, literally, its ability to make sound judgments because their information, while possibly tainted, is surely no longer reliable. How often, I wonder, has inaccurate media hyped hysteria forced (by their people) world leaders to take actions that cause misery that they would not have taken had their publics known the truth?

Could it be possible to take the big media down via class action based on the above reasoning? I don’t know, I’m no lawyer, but it sure would make me less uncomfortable with using the force of government if it could be done through the courts. Otherwise, ANTITRUST, baby, ANTITRUST!

ps: I don’t normally use the word douche or its derivatives. But OMG that Cuomo made me!


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