A horrifying tale of tyranny under Obama.

The criminalization of business in the Obama DOJ. Another jolt to the system, realizing how close to the police state they (Obama’s progressive fascist-wannabes) got and how fortunate the world is that Clinton was not elected.

Had Clinton been elected, the many traps and bombs Obama implanted, as witnessed by the leaks, the content of same and the horror of what the defending forces are uncovering in the swamp would have gone off creating an Orwellian nightmare of a surveillance state with ultimate power.

More terrifying still is what would have happened as depicted by Dinesh D’Souza in Stealing America  and in the movie Hillary’s America – The Secret History of the Democratic Party.

And no one would have ever known. Until it was too late, and everyone was left wondering how they came to find themselves in the new gulag.

With the election of Donald Trump, it appears as though America has a fighting chance of cleansing itself of the many tentacles . My firm belief is Donald Trump is among the few men who could pull this off. I think he will succeed. (See my piece on sovereignties.)

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