Wishes. Horses. And me.

I really wish I could find the paper I wrote for an American history class I took in 1988.

I wrote this 100 page (yes) paper as a mini-thesis, of sorts. As I was doing a double major in computer science and economics, I would never again have an opportunity do such a heavily-researched, academic, writing project. So I approached my professor, whose name escapes me but was without a doubt the best instructor in any of the many subjects I have studied, to allow me to write the darn thing. The assignment for the class was 20 pages, so what I was asking for was a real stretch and needed the approval, which was granted.

As I never toss data, and this was data, I know I have it. Somewhere. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to read it! I have data on everything from 5-1/4″ floppy disks (yes, 5-1/4″ floppy disks that were actually floppy and stored 110 kilobytes. As an aside, we speak, today, of storage in terms of terabytes, which is a 1-million fold increase in capability) to the more familiar 3-1/2 floppies with hard shells, to 44 and 88 MB Syquest disks (big, nasty, slow and slightly unreliable beasts) to 100 MB zip disks to CDs and DVDs to thumb drives and now even those tiny micro-SD cards. I don’t have drives to read some of those earlier technologies; I’m not, after all, a computer museum!

My paper, from the Objectivist perspective, traced from the years immediately preceding the issuance of the Declaration of Independence to the establishment of the Federal Reserve System, a privately owned central bank. In Objectivist terms, the paper traced the development of an oligopoly of “pull” – an aristocracy, American style. My thesis was that, while not dead, a (very long-term) fatal blow had been inflicted on the body politic with the establishment of the Fed, insofar as it created a crony-benefitting fractional reserve banking system, creating a new upper class where none had existed before.

Essentially, I was arguing that what we are now seeing exposed in “Trump World” coverage and is now called the “Deep State”

I expected it to unfold much more slowly than it actually has, fully expecting never to have proof of my conclusion.

I guess I was right, while I was also wrong about the timing.


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