Hey, Bloomberg, what’s up with this?


Written November 29, 2015. I don’t know why I marked this post as Private. Public as of today.

I was on Drudge looking at headlines, and saw a link called “Rove moves to block…”

I thought that sounded interesting so I clicked on it. This is what I saw:


“How odd,” I thought. “Isn’t that Herman Cain?” Turns out, yes it is.


I don’t know if Mr. Cain knows about this or not, but I find it highly insulting to him. He may not, but I sure do.

Anywho,  I went back to Drudge and clicked again thinking the error page was an internet hiccup. Hey, they happen.

When the page reloaded, for a very brief time (about 1 second), this appeared:


So I ask, “What’ up with this?” Sure does look like they are trying to push this down the memory hole.

Thanks, Bloomberg.

Here are the two bits together should anyone wish to forward/repost/whatever.

Bloomberg before & after


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