Lord Monckton says something interesting.

This is for my friend, Adele.

This was supposed to skip to a specified location, but appears not to do so.

Here are some starting points.
Brexit: ~6:00
Trump: ~7:00
Obama: ~9:00 … is a commie: ~11:30.

Climate discussion: ~12:45
History of process: ~21:00
Politics of Climate Science: ~25:00
IPCC: ~25:30
Settled science as fraud: ~27:00
“Funding Greenpeace is funding world communism” – Greenpeace Founder: ~28:00
97% Consensus: ~30:00

Sorry for the audio quality… it is in the original and I don’t know how to remove it.

That said, if you use Chrome, you can get a plugin that is used to EQ the audio of YouTube videos.

It’s called Audio EQ and is available here.

Check this out:

What it looks like in the Chrome store
What it looks like when installed, for example.
Perfect Preset to remove wind noise!


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