What to do, what to do…

The following is my comment on the article at PJMedia, called Tread Upon: What’s next for the TEA Party.

If real progress (sorry about using that word, but I am using it in its proper meaning) is to be made in reviving the waning American spirit, the enemy to defeat is postmodernism. Postmodernism is the evil that has foisted upon this world both the hideousness that is political correctness and the (I believe) poorly understood area of “critical theory” that has seriously undermined, well, pretty near every institution in the once-free world. An example: Critical Race Theory, the crackpotted and horrendously racist notion that that Professor Bell dude who was The Won’s mentor at Harvard (remember the video?) dreamed up.

In other words, we have got to begin our own “long march through the institutions” to borrow a phrase from Antonio Gramsci, the evil Communist genius who developed the intellectual underpinnings of much of the mess the world currently faces, and about whom

‘Alan Caruba writing for CNSNews says about Gramsci, “… a dedicated communist, wrote a book setting out a strategy for taking over strong Western democracies by infiltrating their churches and educational system, as well as a nation’s media. Communism could be imposed by turning churches into ideologically-driven political clubs. Educational systems had to be dumbed down and offer a politically correct curriculum. Mass media had to discredit traditional institutions such as marriage and commonly shared moral values.”‘

(hat tip to Conservapedia, a more trustworthy alternative to the distinctly left-leaning Wikipedia)
I would say he was quite successful.

I do not think anyone will suggest our battle will be an easy one, but I believe it will not take as long as the commies’ enterprise took because our side has logic, value and ethics behind it, things that the left had to first destroy before they could succeed in their nefarious game. I believe, in fact, I have to believe, that the natural state of rational man (that is, the man of the Age of Enlightenment, the age which spawned the American Experiment) is one where value, logic and ethics are supreme. [If I didn’t hold fast to that belief I do not think I could carry on.]

To wrap this up, the answer is really very simple in concept: we must instill in the younger generations the skill of critical thinking. This is the one skill — the only skill — that will protect the kids from the horrors birthed of postmodernism, and what is likely the only way to return to a world of values.


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