The horror that is Obamacare. Or the Chart, at least.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Because I love the Hillbuzz community, I took the day to tear apart and reconstruct the chart of Obamacare that is making the rounds.

As Kevin Dujan of Hillbuzz says, the chart is horrifying when seen as a whole. Following is a pdf that is suitable for printing dissecting the thing showing various “features” of Obamacare.

Particularly interesting to me were the flows which appear later in the document. Perhaps most shocking, though, were the entities unimpacted by Obamacare. I’ll leave it to you to see for yourselves.

It is a fourteen page pdf, 3.5MB or thereabouts. I will make available the layered Adobe Illustrator and InDesign files, should anybody want them for further fun.

Email me at if you’d like the files.


PDF (Right-click to download): 

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