Something fishy is going on.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What’s up with Obama, anyway? Where the hell are is priorities? First up, let me say I hope the Obamagramma survives her hip problems. I try to never wish ill on a person; I can disagree with them, plot the demise of their positions, hate everything they represent, but I never wish them, personally, ill‚ I want them alive to feel the humiliation of their defeat. Righteous victory! And I want them to live long lives anguishing in what their choices have wrought while I’ve long-since forgotten them. [I’m good at forgetting things; just ask my friend James **wink** and he’ll regal you with stories of my absentmindedness. All true.] Besides which, it’s bad Karma. I’m betting Obamagramma is glad to not be relying on “commodity healthcare” right about now, though. I’ve maintained for a long time that the Universe has a perverse sense of humour. To me, humour subsumes irony. This is a case in point.


So, with that out of the way, if I’ve got this straight, Obama ridiculed McCain when he suspended his campaign (and possibly the debate) for returning to Washington to use the authority afforded him by his stature as possible next president (an authority, incidentally, also afforded Obama) to help pilot the Hindenburg that is the US economy through flak-filled skies.


What did Obama do with this authority? “Present”, which is the one-word term for his actual answer, “call me if you need me”. Of course, he was in debate camp at the time. This by itself is telling enough.


But now Obama is suspending his campaign for a “personal” matter? And the press is fawningly gushing about the Obamagramma’s “inspirational role” (yeah, like her letting him be mentored as a wee bairn by a Communist organizer driven from the mainland) etc blah blah f’in’ blah.




Obama suspends his campaign over a personal issue after lambasting McCain for suspending his over a NATIONAL CRISIS? And nobody is calling him on it? WHY?


sheesh **spit** **shakes lowers head while closing eyes and shaking head**


Let’s see, what else is going on in Hawai’i that concerns Obama at this time. Hmm. **rubs chin between thumb and forefinger** There’s that new lawsuit filed against him* the other day. Maybe he’s remembered where, long ago, he buried his official Hawai’ian birth certificate in the red, iron rich soil in a ti tree grove at the advice of Frank; that’d sure come in handy right about now, what with the Hawai’i case and the original Berg case and all.


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