Obama wants you to take the day off

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who will pay for that day off?

We already know he’s never met a payroll or had client deadlines to meet or even worked in the private sector. And with this ridiculous suggestion really drives that home because, unlike the Senators, employees cannot just not show up.

Who will pay? The employers, by “giving” the day off? Or the employees, by taking a holiday? Or by calling in “sick”? Or by taking a day without pay?

No matter what, taking the day off costs someone. Work will not get done. Deadlines will not be met. Services will not be delivered. Goods will not be produced. In the hard light of day, this day off represents a “transfer of wealth” from you (or your boss) to Obama.

Imagine if the NYPD “took the day off”. Or the fire department. Or your homecare provider. Or the entire emergency ward of your local hospital. Or or or …

Imagine that you take his advice and ask your boss for the day off and he declines because he’s worried about work, services, deadlines, the bottom line—keeping the business afloat so his employees actually have jobs. So, following Obama’s advice, you still take the day off by pulling a sicker. Then your boss sees you at the polling place. What then? Do you keep your job? Maybe you’re lucky and you just get a little black mark in your personnel file. But then the inevitable happens (assuming Obama’s elected)—business downturn! Staff layoffs. Who will the boss sack? Hmmm.

That day off you asked for, didn’t get, took anyway. It’s gonna cost. Someone.

This man is a menace!


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