No Longer Day One

I finally bit the bullet and used Apple’s tools to do a promo site, see “samples”, above

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It wasn’t too bad, but I had really wanted to use Dreamweaver, but alas, the functionality needed to weave a Dreamweaver site into the iweb created by Apple’s tools is unavailable at this time. Don’t get me wrong, the Apple tools are great for a beginner, but they lack the sophistication I had hoped to bring. But I was able to work in the Media Crew presentation video I did, very easily, and it streams, too! And pdf integration is nice.

I also resurrected a working copy of my previous, far slicked and edited promo site, the site I never could use thanks to a 4-year battle with Bell that I won’t go into. Next step is to integrate, somehow, these two parts plus my exploratory site that I created on Christmas Day last year (10 hours, writing, linking & learning the software). I’d like to give my “nuclear psychosis” piece a bit of air. But I still have to find that!


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