Me on Debate #2 & Tom Brokaw knows zip about Zen.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This debate was a tactic in McCain’s campaign strategy. It’s a “long war” strategy, and what matters is how it ends. As you all might recall, Obama doesn’t know the difference between strategy and tactics.

As I see it, this phase of the campaign is about making Obama play defense. That’s what I saw tonight. It worked out great. Obama was having to defend himself all night. Well, when he wasn’t agreeing with McCain, that is.

McCain, I thought, mostly answered questions. Mostly. Obama skirted ’em.

I also noted his dropping of the “g”‘s all the time, pandering to the southern audience. McCain sounded like he always does.

Commodity healthcare? WTF? A commodity is like, say, wheat or natural gas: everything is the same. Do you want the same healthcare from every doctor? Really? America is where the wealthy from the world over go to to ESCAPE commodity healthcare! Sheesh. Healthcare as a RIGHT? Ask yourself who provides the service. If it’s a right, then it should obtain from nature just as, say, an apple falls from the ground for the animals to pick up. (This gets in my craw, not the apple, the idea, being a Canadian notwithstanding!) I wish Ayn Rand were still around to teach these goobers about rights and from where they arise. John Galt’s speech should be required reading every year from the 7th grade until graduation from university.

And, clearly, Brokaw knows nothing of “Zen”.


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