McCain on Implications of Obama’s Glutinous Fundraising

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A genial discussion wherein John McCain plants the next meme, in a friendly, helpful, thoughtful, presidential manner.

I think it’ll stick. I mean, really, now, how much has Obama raised to date? Must be close to a billion bucks by now. Okay,$605 Million as of end of September. That’s a god-awful amount of money.

One issue I’d like to see raised is how it can be that McCain has stayed within the margin of error in the polls even while Obama is throwing megabucks against him, has a see-no-Democrat-evil media and questionable polling data on his side in a “Democrat year”. Just why, in face of that, is Obama not 10 or 15 points ahead? Especially with the presumed-idiot Palin as a lodestone around his campaign’s neck. Just how is that, exactly? [I’d say these data suggest that the memes they are alleged to be measuring are not in fact being measured by the questions asked.]

Personally, whoever wins the election, I’m looking forward to the audit of the Obama Primary and General Election Campaigns’ financial records. That, mark my words, will be some interesting reading. Even assuming he is SQUEEKY CLEAN it will be the stuff of PoliSci textbooks and scholarship for years to come. Now, on the other hand, let’s assume the worst, namely that all of the allegations and insinuations against Obama are true. Assume that he learned his accounting skills from one of his clients, say Tony Rezko. Delicious.


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