It’s okay if a Democrat says it …

Here’s Barney Franks’ money shot:

The new package, he said, will be aimed at easing fears about lending and investing. “The psychological problem is even worse than the real problem,” he said.

That sounds awfully familiar. I recall a certain Republican (can’t remember his name) saying the same thing, if not in the same words (which is why I can’t find it on google) and then being gored by the press.

I guess what’s good for the goose (Barney) isn’t so good for the gander (that Republican whose name I cannot recall).

Also, this dolt is talking about cutting the military budget by 25%. During two wars. With China building its military at an astounding rate. With Venezuela and Putin’s neo-tzartist Russia getting together. With Iran talking about wiping Israel off the map. With Iran joining Russia and Venezuela. Here’s a thought: INCREASE the military budget and scare the shit out of theses assholes just like Ronald Reagan did with Star Wars. The USSR knew they couldn’t compete and folded, ushering “the end of history” and the “peace dividend” that allowed Clinton to decimate the fighting forces of America.
Saturday, October 25, 2008


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