Is it class action time in America?

Friday, February 13, 2009

In response to the post by Rick Moran “Rubin: ‘You guys are freaking us out’” on AmericanThinker
Can anyone explain how “recalls” work? The reason I ask is that it appears that none of your representatives in Congress have read the legislation onto which they’ve signed their names. Isn’t this an abrogation of their fiduciary responsibility? Wikipedia has an interesting read on fiduciary duty, here []. Surely, the government with its massive usurpation of power falls under the definition of a “fiduciary” in several places as cited in the wiki reference. Even more so with the power grabs central to the horror that is this “stimulus” package. That the members have not read the bill means they have not done their “due diligence” and are certainly acting as fiduciaries with conflicts of interest.

Maybe a class action suit by Americans against their government can be attempted? Maybe it’s time to put the legion of lawyers who have crippled American healthcare to work to protect the nation. Maybe they have that lauded “instinct for self preservation”. I don’t know. I’m asking. But the one thing I do know is that the time for saying “they’re commies or they’re socialists or b’bye America” is past and something must be done.

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