Hillary & Obama

Monday, October 20, 2008

I just saw Hill’s rally with Obama. Well, okay, then I just saw an extended snippet (a snipe?) of the Hillary & Obama show that CNN chose for me to see. I loved it! Here’s why: she said, when asked “…and when they ask you, you tell them “Hillary sent you”. Oh. My. God. Ya gotta love those Clintons. A direct allusion to the dirty Chicago machine politics that “sent” Obama. Just a polite reminder, a little dig of the pointy index finger into his popinjay ribs, from the benevolent granny of the Democratic establishment, the all forgiving all forgetting Hillary Clinton, yes! she who stood by her man as he singlehandedly redefined the word “is” in order to slither out of fatal disgrace, yes! that one.


Don’t you just know that McCain’s sharpies have picked up on this one! This should be could. I feel a Zen Moment coming on. I think Hill’n’Bill have cottoned-on to McCain’s strategy and are abetting him, sorta a wink and a nod towards McCain’s putting forward a Hillary propsal and mentioning her by name during Debate #3. I talked about this somewhere. I think it was a tactic in Strategy


I just saw the snipe again. This time, the “Hillary sent you” bit was gone! I guess someone with a higher resolution scanner saw the initial report, made a call, got a directive and order an edit. I’m just sayin’… **he says, palms twisting slowly up**

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