Election #3. McCain’s Strategy Unfolds

Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain did exactly what he needed to do: air all of Obama’s negatives in a “direct to the audience” format, in the process forcing the deadwood media to do its job. They, these relics of the twentieth century, have now been called to the carpet in front of the whole school. They have now to answer the charges, to “investigate” and report what they find, otherwise they lose what little is left of their credibility. And for what it’s worth, McCain’s ads have been “negative” because the media has not done its job: exposing the negatives.

This debate, like the rest, have been tactics in McCain’s strategy. His tactical mission was to force Obama onto the defensive while forcing the deadwoods to do their jobs, now, in the final three weeks when voters are most reachable.

Prepare for a lot of basketcases as their realities deconstruct around them! When McCain opened up, as he did a few times, I was reminded of a video I’d seen about the metal storm weapon system (http://www.metalstorm.com/content/view/64/109/). I thought it remarkable. And all Obama could do was smile, nod and blubber! Hilarious! Even more so was the gripless spin from the ‘heads at CNN (AC360)—even they couldn’t pretend convincingly that Obama won. And while the “polls” were as to be expected, namely that Obama won, what was unexpect was the AUDACITY of the numerical discrepancy with the evidence of my own eyes. (Bad word choice, but it sure fits!)

Finally, McCain slyly withheld the most damning bit of ACORN evidence, namely his having been “Leadership Trainer” to the big cheeses at ACORN-Chicago. He withheld other stuff, too, that we know about because we’ve read about it on PJM (YAY!). Why? Because there are still three weeks to go. Ammo is needed for the final showdown. I’m expecting tanks at high noon. Well, maybe not, but I do expect a shot fired at Obama the day of his “big buy” to throw him off his game and to disrupt the news cycle that Obama is expecting and a further, more devastating blow the day after, ripping control of the news cycle from the control of the deadwoods. We’ll see.


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