Comment to PJM re: some leftist talking points

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My comment another commenter to the article on Pajamasmedia “Can There be Peace Through Weakeness”
112.chris in Toronto:

[1]You say you believe in democracy, unless you need a friendly dictator to stay in power. [2]You say you believe in human rights, except for people you THINK might be terrorists. [3]You say you want limited government, unless you need to eavesdrop on citizens’ phone calls without a warrant. [4]You say you want the government to stay out of your life, unless you happen to be gay. [5]You say you want all Americans to have the American dream, but call people who are forclosed “losers”. [6]You scream “socialism” when CEO salaries are scrutinized, but DEMAND that blue collar workers take pay cuts. [7]You claim that the US is a land where anyone can practice any religion, as long as its Christian. [8]You rail against science, because it contradicts the edicts of words written by bronze age goat herders.
1. Obama and Chávez.
2. Obama and “preventative detention” and his DHSs’ definition of extremists
3. Obama and FISA
4. Obama and gay marriage
5. Obama and pitchforks
6. Obama vs market realism
7. Obama and his “practicing Christianity” or whatever
8. Obama and the AGW (now called “climate change”) scam
Honestly, this isn’t an echo chamber of the left. People here do understand the world, its ways, its workings and the nature and existence of evil. All of these eight points could be expounded upon at length, but the people here–collectivists notwithstanding–understand the meanings behind these headlines, so I’m not going to bother, except to say that #2 is the scariest, especially when taken with his friendship with Billy Ayers whose view it was (and maybe still is) that 25 million Americans (”diehard capitalists”) who wouldn’t submit to reeducation would have to be exterminated.


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