Comment to PJM re: Political Correctness

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My comment to the article on Pajamasmedia “Respecting the Faithful vs. Respecting the Faith”
8. chris in Toronto:

It’s one thing to let political correctness stifle free speech; it’s quite another to let it stifle the development of our very own thought processes, to the point that we fail to connect such clear dots in the privacy of our own minds.
However, that precisely is the goal of the political correctness underpinning the moral equivalence that is destroying Western civilization. And that is precisely the reason it must be fought, tooth and nail, everywhere. Parents, please teach your children to think for themselves and to avoid the traps laid by the purveyors of PC. Teach them to stand up for what they believe. Teach them to care not about acceptance by their peers if it means they must deny their own minds. Teach them, or let those whose goal it is to destroy their minds teach them.

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