Rid the leadership of its squishes

Comment to cfbleachers on pajamasmedia

In response to the article, “Why the ‘No Labels’ Movement Will Fail”, by Ron Radosh (available here: http://tinyurl.com/32pptsr )

cfb: I could not agree more.

In fact, I would argue that the areas of overlap are _exactly_ the problem.

America’s present situation was the fault of both the Republicans and the Democrats. This is to say the areas where they overlap (or resulting from compromise of principle) have allowed these monstrous bureaucracies to develop which, quite aside from everything else that is wrong with bureaucracies, are beginning to destroy their host States with, with, with their retirees!

It is time to present the electorate with a real choice between ideologies and rid the leadership of its squishes. On both sides. America is about choice, that defining characteristic of freedom. Have faith that the electorate, when presented with a clear choice, will choose the side that will reign in the scope of government.

Just look at what’s happening in Europe for a view into America’s short-term future in the Obama economy as Nations, unable to meet their financial obligations — a large chunk of which is retired State employees’ pensions — are forced to slash spending in other areas (aka services). There is rioting in the streets! Now we see stories of the same financial problems in municipalities and states around America. (No rioting, yet.) Governments financially failing are being forced to face reality and cut their budgets. They are being forced to make choices. Remember, it is the choices that the leadership of the sides agreed upon that got us here. Do you trust them to make more choices for you?

Getting rid of the overlap — that squishy centre that spans both sides –– will ensure that whoever wins wins because of what they stand for and will stand against. It will restore some trust in government because the electorate will have made the choices at the ballot box. All their elected representatives need do then is to put the plan in motion.

Sorry for the length of the above.

PS: Congrats on your new byline for PJM.

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