This reminder should serve as a warning

THE CCP ARE MONSTERS It’s not the first time military professors have made hawkish arguments. In 2005, Chinese Major General Zhu Chenghu, professor and Dean of China’s National Defense University, told journalists in Hong Kong that China might start a nuclear war if the U.S. decided to intervene in a military conflict in the Taiwan…

Hey, it’s a start!

Today I took pen in hand, put it to paper and drew a little something. But it was more than a little something… it was a big something in my scheme of things. After nearly two years of being unable to draw to due a drastic arm injury from which I am slowly recovering, I…

Rough cut

I’m learning Black Magic Design’s Davinci Resolve, industry standard for film, video and vfx. Here’s a rough cut of something I’m working on. I’m in love with the music! (Royalty free from Apple Photos app name to follow.)

Video: 2019 Some images Jan-Oct

Just as the title says. A variety of imagery from a variety of apps for any number of reasons all auto-selected by the Apple Photo app on iPhone.

Video: Bluffer’s Park

A short video automade by Apple’s Photo app on iPhone. Music is royalty free. Three cameras used, testing capabilities. Samsung GalaxyCam; Olympus SP-510UZ; iPhone 8+. Overall, for shooting outdoors with my eye issues, the best camera experience for me is with the Olympus for the sole reason that it has a proper viewfinder with a…