Some of my recent images

An experimental video, a first test, of the movie generating function in iOS. I added titles in Premiere.

How do they get their PhD’s, anyway?   From Wikipedia: Career[edit] Lee interned at the Bellevue Hospital Center in New York and was chief resident at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She received her MD from Yale University School of Medicine in 1994 and her MDiv from Yale Divinity School in 1995.[2] She then studied the anthropology of violence in East Africa as a fellow of the National Institute of Mental Health[3] and has…

Pain journaling

How do you describe pain well enough to give an idea of your experience to another?
How do you differentiate one pain from another?
How do you quantify similar pains?

Evgeny Kissin, My New Hero

My new hero, Evgeny Kissin, plays perhaps my favourite piece of music and brings out subtleties I’d never heard before!

Can you take great pictures with just a smartphone camera?

Chris Nicholson, Senior Designer at Advertising Agencies Answered 2h ago · 1 min read How do you define “great?” If you mean content-wise, see for yourself by checking out a variety of instagram feeds. Most are done with cameraphones. Style-wise, cameraphones perform as well as high end DSLR and mirrorless cameras. But if you mean from a…

Words about me

About 10 years ago, a good 10 years into being single, I attempted to pay money to a computer dating site that uses what turns out to have been the venerated “Big Five Personality Traits” model of psychometry to match compatible personalities.

Harry Cliff updates the Royal Institution on the latest from CERN.

“… and that’s how we think of all matter, electrons, quarks, everything are just little ripples moving through these cosmic energy fields that fill all of space and are everywhere – which is quite a strange idea but that really is how we think things are.” – Harry Cliff