Unintended consequences

Being an appaholic means I download and check out a lot of apps. I am particularly entranced by photographic apps for the iPhone 4. I have settled on a few as default, or go-to, apps. That said, I am always on the lookout for apps that can expand my iPhone’s photographic capabilities. As background, my love…

That song we spoke of yesterday.

Begin forwarded message: From: Chris Nicholson <chris_nicholson> Subject: That song we spoke of yesterday. Date: June 18, 2017 at 8:50:53 AM EDT To: Elizabeth Hummel <tweetyacres> Cc: Sharein White <sharein.white> Liz: The link on my blog is broken. Here’s the song, instead. Oh, and a second great by the same dude. C Sharein: You don’t…

Explaining Postmodernism

Begin forwarded message: From: Chris Nicholson <chris_nicholson> Subject: Explaining Postmodernism Date: June 17, 2017 at 7:03:32 AM EDT To: Chris Nicholson <chris.nicholson> Cc: Chris Nicholson <chris_nicholson> hicks-ep-full.pdf

I spotted something in a lightning strike

Hey, @secureteam10, I was going through your video @ 1/4 speed and spotted another one of these things backlit by the clouds in front of a lightning strike. Bye the way, it appears to me that to see it in as close to real time as possible, the recording must be played back at 1/8…

Saturday morning videos.

Today featuring music!   The origination of this post   Not entirely my cup of tea, but man is she talented!   Public music.   The Wanamaker Organ. 28,000 pipes!   Not the Wanamaker Organ.   I’m not entirely sure she’s even human.   This is quite the departure from what I’m used to when…

A horrifying tale of tyranny under Obama.

The criminalization of business in the Obama DOJ. Another jolt to the system, realizing how close to the police state they (Obama’s progressive fascist-wannabes) got and how fortunate the world is that Clinton was not elected. Had Clinton been elected, the many traps and bombs Obama implanted, as witnessed by the leaks, the content of…

This year I feel it (not done yet).

What is it, exactly? Sovereignty.

I’ve taken the bulk of this back to private because I’ve combined a couple of in-the-works pieces to create the current, in-the-works by the transitive property.


  Bill Whittle is one of my personal heroes and has helped keep me sane through the Tyrant’s reign. This particular video is the perfect demonstration of why I love this man. Lucid explanations. Historical fact. Brilliant presentation.