Tease …

Because that tease that reveals just enough is the best tease…

A terrific comment about the Trump Jr email blather

This is a comment copied in its entirety from a posting on AmericanThinker.com. Trump Jr.’s Email: Want to Talk about Treason? Okay… By Selwyn Duke The obsession with Donald Trump Jr.’s “Russian” email chain is just the latest example of what the Media/Democrat Party/Establishment Axis does best: engage in misdirection to confuse people about who America’s…

Quoth Ike

“The plan is often useless. It’s the planning, the planning together that is indispensable.”

And the other definition is entirely economic in nature

Re: the Trump Jr email bs There is no collusion. Unless one attempts to argue that Hillary had a legal right to be president. This differs from the legal qualification to be president (that is, to run for the office). The legal right to be president attaches to whoever wins the office. The image above is the…

Tricky little Devil!

Significantly more difficult than originally anticipated. Typed with fat fingers on my iPhone. Please be lenient!

Dumb dumb da dumb da da dumb CUOMO

Criminal, weapons-grade manipulation is what CNN is all about. Such stupid I have never seen! I am shaking. It happens to me when things stop making sense, or when debating Liberals, but I repeat myself. UNBELIEVABLE. This video made me yell at it. That douche nozzle, Cuomo, would not shut up: interminable questions that aren’t…


That’s me after this: This was so completely NOT what I expected. And yet, the content was even worse that I already knew. I’m a new subscriber.

Bill C-16 Song by Frog Rock

By the team that brought you such hits as “Sound of Social Justice” and “Imagine Communism” comes this great, er, something, about the abomination that is bill C-16.

That song we spoke of yesterday.

Begin forwarded message: From: Chris Nicholson <chris_nicholson> Subject: That song we spoke of yesterday. Date: June 18, 2017 at 8:50:53 AM EDT To: Elizabeth Hummel <tweetyacres> Cc: Sharein White <sharein.white> Liz: The link on my blog is broken. Here’s the song, instead. Oh, and a second great by the same dude. C Sharein: You don’t…

Explaining Postmodernism

Begin forwarded message: From: Chris Nicholson <chris_nicholson> Subject: Explaining Postmodernism Date: June 17, 2017 at 7:03:32 AM EDT To: Chris Nicholson <chris.nicholson> Cc: Chris Nicholson <chris_nicholson> hicks-ep-full.pdf