I now understand Apple’s Live Photos

When Apple first released the Live Photos functionality with the iPhone 6S, I admit, I thought it to be bit of cool tech but I didn’t see the usefulness of such a thing.

Speaks for itself

A trenchant intertextual explication of the contemporary McLuan space.

Finally someone is talking about this!

The impending employment nuclear bomb. I was here in June, 2018, by the way. See below. Segment shown as featured image. Lionel of Lionel Media has taken it on. This is great as he is a man who is listened to by a lot of people. Getting this idea out the is perhaps the most…


Playing around with the slideshow function in iOS.

I think 3 minutes should be maximum duration. Mostly.

New page added!

Documenting my pain. I’m glad I’ve done this because it would otherwise be impossible to post facto discuss my experience with doctors and insurance people. I plan on keeping this updated, periodically, because I write in a notebook (easier on my arm!) and batch transcribe. Also, cannot do quick illustrations. That page is here.