Tease …

Because that tease that reveals just enough is the best tease…

Stone Ghost on Wikipedia

I’ve watched over the past few days videos by this guy, Quinn Michaels, a purported AI genius. My guess is he probably is as he presents himself to be. Do I believe everything he says? No. But so much of what he says rings true. Long story short, in one video he discusses his interactions…

Life pre-internet.

It was very easy to ‘control the narrative’ in the pre-internet days.

This is unbelievable, yo!

*As of March 18 2018. The crazy libs haven’t gotten yet to sweeping the “deep” wikipedia yet for accurate historical coverage. Too lazy, I think.

When I was 19

My inner self was just awakening and this song really spoke to me. It was the strong sense of longing I feel in this song; I felt it then, I feel it now. I had just retired from my swimming career. I was seriously buff. Golden tanned with short spiky hair. It was Clairol’s “Reddest…

Summary of evils

From the comments section of a Treehouse article, The *ACTUAL* 2016 FBI Report on “Russian Hacking” Does Not Show What Media Claim It Does…. Too brilliant to be lost to time.

Too funny.

The 1941 Cadillac hood ornament took it to the next level. Sadly, it’s missing the chain saw bayonet attachment touted by USA Today.